Discovery Tool: WIND (prototype)

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Discovery Tool: WIND (prototype development)

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Due to overflow of information, it has become difficult to find efficiently the latest and most relevant scientific articles regarding energy transition and renewable energy.

eWEning star has develop a concept to improve information discovery in this field in order to accelerate energy transition and innovation cycle.

For our prototype, we focus on scientific articles in the field of wind energy. By applying AI, we can analyse the content of the scientific papers and categorize them in different ways, such as perspective, value chain position and geographical focus.

The users can choose to combine the categories similar as in online shopping, which effectively excludes the irrelevant documents from the results. After setting these clear boundaries, keyword query can be applied.

By connecting different document platforms and making information more discoverable, we can improve the total desk research process for different types of stakeholders interested in sustainable future: researchers, students, policy makers etc. and therefore accelerate the energy transition!

eWEning star has received subsidy for developing the software-based prototype of this discovery tool.

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