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Sustainable future through infinite innovation and collaboration between stakeholders. Efficient and science-based knowledge sharing between stakeholders of different types.


eWEning star builds a smart, digital platform for stakeholders in renewable energy to ease information discovery and therefore accelerate the energy transition. By combining AI with users interest points, eWEning star provides services that are always tailor-made according to users’ preferences but still flexible when interests change.


As information has become scattered and complex, it has become more difficult to stay informed about latest events and discoveries. eWEning star increases efficiencies through the whole innovation process from desk research to implementation by providing personalised tools to support individual needs. Energy transition needs acceleration and efficient information discovery is one of the key action points in it.

Services that support your individual needs

Discovery tool

eWEning star is committed in developing efficient discovery tool that goes beyond keyword queries. By focusing on Renewable Energy Sources we are able to develop a topic specific discovery tool that serves stakeholders from generalists to specialists more efficiently.

Sharing of information digitally has become so easy, that we now need to focus on making the discovery process more efficient!

eWEning star has received funding for prototype development of discovery tool for wind energy related documents!

Click here to test the prototype!

Event database

Events are interesting and inspiring opportunity to keep updated on the latest developments. By providing a list of events that can easily be filtered based on users’ interest, eWEning star supports knowledge exchange between stakeholders who want to be part of Sustainable Future.

“It’s hard to keep track on the events as there are so many! Through smart filtering it is easier to find the relevant ones!”

Stakeholder database

As we go through Energy Transition towards Future Energy Systems, our complete society and the actors in it are constantly changing. New businesses, organisations and collaborations are started all over the world. It is important for eWEning star to support the stakeholders in finding each other.

“It takes time to find other stakeholders, especially from foreign and new markets. By providing proper database, the collaborations can be established faster!”

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