Onboarding - How to use Green Assistant

GREEN ASSISTANT has currently TWO MAIN FUNCTIONS in the Beta version: (1) DISCOVERY of documents based on smart filtering where you can browse industrial documents related to wind energy and when you find interesting document, you can save it to your personal (2) LIBRARY ("My Library").

When logging in, you will start from the DISCOVERY window. You immediately see list of industrial reports. On top of the screen, indicated with green background, you can filter the documents, based on perspective, value chain position, geographic and date of release.

Filtering of documents

You can freely select different options or select to filter based on date, which will automatically update the list of documents.

If you want to use a keyword query, you can do that on the left side of the filtering window.

When hovering on top of the title, you can see the total title of the document and total OR part of the summary, depending how long the summary is.

Hovering on top of title

When clicking the title, you will be taken directly to the website where the document is available.

You can also click "Open summary", which opens the total summary and shows more information about the document (such as tags that are related to it).

When you find an interesting document, which you want to keep, you can click "Save" icon on the right side of the title.

Save and Tag

This action will add this specific document to "My Library", which is your personal collection of important documents.

If you want to add your personal Tag (e.g name of a project you are working on and this document is important for that specific project) to the document, click "Tag" icon. You can create as many tags as you want. At the side of "My Library" you can then easily retrieve documents which include this personal tag of yours. At your personal Library you can also use the same filtering approach as at the Discovery side.

After you have explored Green Assistant, please provide feedback through this link, which is targeted specifically for you as "Private Beta User". Your feedback is super valuable to us! <3


You can provide general feedback to the development team of Green Assistant by clicking "Send feedback".

When the development team has made changes to Green Assistant or we want to reach out to users, you can find information behind the button "Updates".

We have also collected some Questions and Answers behind "Q&A" button.