Questions and Answers


Is Green Assistant free to use?

  • The Beta version of Green Assistant is free to use, but in the future we will implement a reasonable subscription model, which will make sure that our main focus is to serve our users.
    This choice has been made to make sure we stay impact driven and optimise the information discovery for our users instead of focusing on advertisements as so many other companies do. User empowerment is one of our core values.


Which websites are you monitoring?

  • In our Beta version we are monitoring only a couple of websites, but are constantly increasing the number of websites. Feel free to send your recommendations of websites, which Green Assistant should monitor for you. You can send recommendations here.


How can I send feedback about Green Assistant or in general?

  • On the left sidebar you find button for feedback, which is marked with “gift” icon, because we appreciate all feedback and consider them as gifts. :)


Are you storing all the documents from different websites yourself?

  • No, we only analyse the content of the documents and connect the users to the original document in an effective way. The users can upload the links to the documents to their personal library, which Green Assistant manages for them.


Is there other type of information than just industry documents that Green Assistant can provide?

  • Eventually yes, but at the moment industry documents is the first service Green Assistant provides. However, we have a pipeline for other type of information also so that we can serve our users even better! If you are missing a specific type of information, feel free to send us feedback about it! We are huge fans of user feedback as we optimise towards the best possible service!


Are you sharing the personal data or personal interest points of users with anyone else?

  • No, we are committed NOT to share our users’ interest points with 3rd parties.
    One of our core values is user empowerment and therefore we do not build any revenue models, which would be based on sharing any personal data or interest points of our users to 3rd parties.


Can I create my own tags for the documents?

  • Yes, click the “Tag” icon for any document and create your personalised tags. You can create several tags for the same document. When you have saved the document to your personal Library, you can also easily retrieve documents with your personal tags.